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First Pittsburgh LEED Silver Designed Hotel

The Courtyard Pittsburgh Airport Settlers Ridge is Marriott's first LEED Silver Designed Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Pittsburgh.

Per the U.S. Green Building Council, green-building practices can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts through high-performance, market-leading design, construction and operations practices. 

The green features of this Pittsburgh hotel include improvements to the site, the exterior of the building, the heating and cooling systems, plumbing fixtures and the materials used for its construction.

  • The hotel's LEED Silver rated design incorporates a combination of concrete paving versus asphalt paving. This reduces the heat island effect of the pavement by reducing the radiation of the absorbed heat from the sun, thereby maintaining a natural ambient temperature in the surrounding areas.
  • The landscaping will include some native plant species that require less water. The landscape irrigation system has been designed to conserve water through the use of rain sensor technology and drip lines that use less water than typical sprinkler heads.
  • An exterior insulation system was utilized to keep the dew point on the outside of the building. This prevents the potential of condensation within the exterior walls of the building, thereby improving indoor air quality. The exterior insulation system is also encased in a fluid applied air/water barrier to further prevent the infiltration of water and moisture-laden air from penetrating the building's exterior which results in energy savings as the heating/air conditioning systems do not have to run as often to maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels.
  • Water efficient faucets, showerheads, and toilets have been incorporated into the guestrooms and public areas. These fixtures contribute to a 30% water savings over a comparable 124-room hotel. This water savings equates to the amount of water needed to fill our swimming pool 23.6 times.
  • Thermally enhanced windows, master light switches and an energy management system in the guestrooms are some of the energy savings initiatives designed into the hotel, all intended to reduce energy usage without compromising guest comfort. The energy management system includes programmable thermostats that allow the temperature to revert to a set degree when the room is unoccupied using motion-detecting sensors. Additional energy savings is achieved through the use of an energy recovering system. In this system, latent heat and cooling from the return air system is used to temper the 100% outside air being brought in through the air handling systems.
  • The pool water is being treated with a new technology using sodium chloride. This system utilizes the sodium chloride to produce hypochlorite or liquid chlorine through the process of electrolysis. This process safely balances the pool water. Additional benefits of the treatment system include softer water that is easier on the skin, hair and bathing suits.
  • A recycling program and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products and pest control products are just some of the green operation initiatives that are being proudly implemented at our hotel here in Pittsburgh's Settlers Ridge development.
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